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The History of the Oklahoma State Poultry Federation

Author: Jan Burke Geis

Editor: Mariah Patterson

Cover Design: Ruth Caron at Red Queen Logo Company

Research Editor: Jan Burke Geis

Picture Researcher Editor: Jan Burke Geis

Dedicated to the

Past officers

Of the

Oklahoma State Poultry Federation

The credits and acknowledgments are hereby made part of this copyright page.

Copyright @ 2016. Jan Burke Geis. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, in any manor, is prohibited.

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Printed in the United States of America

Published by: Jan Burke Geis, McLoud, Oklahoma

ISBN # 978-0-692-62104-2

About This Book

Local history often goes unwritten until a previous source of material has ebbed away and is lost forever. For this reason, I take

pride in the historical story of the Oklahoma State Poultry Federation’s deep, rich history. Of itself, our history has only regional

significance. Far more important is the fact that the history of the Oklahoma State Poultry Federation is deeply entwined with the

State of Oklahoma’s history.

No formal archives exist within the Association, and what did exist were a scattering of newspaper clippings, state laws,

scrapbooks and photos tucked away and almost forgotten. Luckily, I’ve been diligently looking at the historical archives to

provide most of the information for this book. As I slowly gleaned scraps of information, I was able to obtain a club members

scrapbook to further my research. Incidentally, I was successful in copying some old news clippings as well.

You will find in the book where the club was honored to have Arthur O. Shilling of Knowles Ville, N.Y. judging some shows for

the club. Shilling was a well-known great poultry artist who did a great many illustrations in both APA and ABA Standards of

Perfections. Additionally, John C. Kriner of N.Y., the superintendent of the Madison Square Garden show in New York, also

judged some shows for the Oklahoma State Poultry Federation.

I thought it was amazing to note all of the events that took place within the show and that event was five to six days long. The

shows were full of fun-filled events, including a poultry show, egg show, judging contest, luncheon, beauty contest and an annual

banquet. Today, we mostly have one-day shows and exhibitors are sadly leaving before the judging has completed. The show

received high honors for the largest exclusive event in the world. I have to ask the question: What are we missing today because

of our busy life-styles?

Over the past 100 years there have been a lot of officers who served on the board to make the show a huge success. Many officers worked countless hours to help the show thrive. The main force to get the club started was Clifford Jackson. Mr. Jackson was the United States District Attorney for Indian Territory, 1893-94; he created the Jackson Poultry Law, which kicked off the poultry industry in Oklahoma with great success.

Jackson was considered a live wire and was the state organizer for the APA in Oklahoma. On September 26, following the national meeting in Chicago, Clarence G. Dalton, President of the State Branch, and Clifford L. Jackson, President of the O.S.P.F., called meetings of the executive boards of each at the State Fair. The meetings resulted in the amalgamation of the organizations and the selection of a list of officers from both organizations. In doing this, it was agreed that the name of the state organization should be The Oklahoma State Poultry Federation, and each member of the A.P.A. within the state was given a life membership in the body, whereas the annual membership fee and dues of other members was placed at $1. Other officers served the club, such as Dr. L. H. Ritzhaupt who was an officer for 32 years.

The show was high in numbers as 2,000 to 10,000 entries were organized and pulled off without the technology as we have today.

Let’s continue to work together so the next generations can enjoy and take pride in what some day will be more historical events

with the Oklahoma State Poultry Federation. I would like to personally thank everyone that shared their pieces of history to make

this book possible. I hope you enjoy the historical history of the Oklahoma State Poultry Federation in celebration of our 100th annual poultry show.

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